Volleyball, Training, IT & Me – A Learning Journey

I’ve played volleyball for more years than I care to admit. I’m also a qualified coach and National League referee.


Today, I spent this cold and frosty morning helping to coach around 20 enthusiastic beginners, aged between 14-17. And it was a joy. 


Seeing their enthusiasm, will to succeed and desire to master the considerable skills of Volleyball was, for me, the purest form of enjoyment.  As a coach, this is the greatest “fix” – seeing them achieving their goals and stretching for more. 


It has made me reflect on my journey. My career didn’t start in developing people but, like many of us, I gravitated towards what resonates with me.  My training career started in IT, at a point when technology was developing exponentially and for some reason, I got it – and I wanted to help others “get it” too.


Fast forward many years and I have expanded my reach beyond IT. I know that I have helped many people over the years who were deemed not worth the effort and the accolade goes to them, not me. All I did was to do a deal with them; if you want to improve, I can help you.


This is what drives me, inspires me and has brought me to this point in my career. Sam and I have created a unique framework for business success which is entirely grounded in helping people and businesses to succeed.  This year, we founded @bebusinessfit and our joint passion for being successful in both sport and fitness is what has driven us to create our unique fitness test. 


Are you up for the challenge? 

Jayne Jones