The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

There is much debate about the saying “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” which is attributed to the philosopher, Aristotle.  So, without too much discussion, let’s just say that we are looking at a literal interpretation of the saying rather than an analysis!

It does, of course, refer to the fact that we are greater and stronger together than when we act as individuals.  We all have individual traits and behavioural preferences which is not only the beauty of the situation – but also the challenge!  That’s not to say because we have certain characteristics or personality types that we can’t adapt; but it’s easier to do what comes naturally and, by filling each other’s gaps, we don’t need to be all things to all people.  The diversity of what we bring to a business, a project or a team is where the magic can happen!

What’s key, though, is being willing and able to understand and embrace our differences and ultimately realise that we can be better working with people who are not like us.  We all see the world from our own perspective, but sometimes just taking the opportunity to see a situation through the other person’s eyes can be hugely enlightening.  When we open ourselves to seeing the other person’s viewpoint and also appreciate what gifts they bring to the situation, we will reap the benefits of truly working together and be able to appreciate what can be achieved when we do so.

Jayne Jones