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An ultimate framework for success

The world is changing, and we need to start having bigger conversations now. We recognise that businesses may need support to have those conversations, focusing on what is important, and by utilising a structured framework. Our framework is designed to get you thinking about everything from your strategy and culture, through to inspiring leadership and innovation. What is important to one business may not be important to another and our framework is designed to be flexible and tailored to your needs.


Our framework offers three flexible and scalable products; Prosper, Aspire and Recovery.  All three are based on our unique framework comprising of 10 fundamentals to support business success.  Together we will help you to identify which product is currently right for you. Utilising the most crucial fundamentals we guide you through a structured review, creating a plan that is right for you both now and for the future.


Ultimately, supporting you to come up with, and implement the right solutions for both you and your business.


Our most comprehensive model

Prosper comprises 10 fundamentals, each one focused on identifying where there is a need for improvement or change.  The fundamentals encompass the full range of people strategies that can make a measurable difference to your bottom-line success.


Our structured approach helps to identify key areas that are getting in the way of achieving your business goals, whether that is your strategy, values and behaviours or leadership, resulting in a realistic and engaging plan for the future.


Prosper may be suitable for:

  • Larger or more complex businesses
  • Businesses that are going through change
  • Those that are currently impacted by the economy, market forces or growth
  • Businesses where performance is adversely affected and the root cause is not clearly understood


Our agile model

Aspire uses the same framework and fundamentals as Prosper, but takes a more agile and tactical approach.


This enables you to continue to utilise our framework as your business evolves and grows and focus on fundamentals such as performance, innovation and employee engagement.


Aspire may be suitable for:

  • Small to medium size companies that are experiencing a recent upturn in business
  • Similarly, small to medium size companies that are forecasting future significant growth
  • A unit or division within a large organisation that has identified a specific issue, for instance, managing change, performance or leadership
  • A start up that doesn’t currently have people strategies in place to support planned growth and success


Our blended model

Businesses can face many challenges; some are predictable, and others can take you by surprise.


We’ve created Recovery as we recognise that there are times when businesses need a short and focused approach to adapt and move forward.


Using our framework, we have created 4 key areas including strategy, employee engagement, values and behaviours and critically, a specific element on wellbeing.


Recovery may be most suitable for:

  • Businesses that are experiencing a downturn right now and need to take immediate action
  • Situations where some other event has significantly impacted the business
  • A small start-up that wants to set out on the right footing with their people strategies

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