How high can you jump?

Imagine if your job was to jump and I’m your Manager.

I’m Head of Jumping so, it seems pretty simple to me; I need you to jump properly and that’s what you do – you jump!

It’s time for us to have a catch up to see how you’re doing and you’re feeling pretty satisfied that your jumping is going well.  This meeting should be a straight forward chat, no problem.

As for me, this meeting can’t come quickly enough for a different reason.  Things aren’t going so well, you’re under performing and I’m not happy. You have one job – jumping!  And I can’t believe how badly it’s going, so we need to talk.

Fast forward and it quickly becomes apparent that we have had a major communication fail. I’ve asked you to jump and that’s what you’ve done. Except that you’ve jumped HIGH and I wanted LONG. And I wanted you to get better at it. I wanted faster jumping, better jumping and MORE jumping. You’ve perfected your technique but it’s the wrong kind of jumping, you’re not improving and in fact, you’re getting a little stale.

What’s going on?

It’s easy to compare this to any day to day catch up meeting between a manager and colleague. How can you ensure that you both have a clear understanding about what is required?  Has something been lost in translation?  Can you openly discuss any concerns with each other?

When our people have a clear understanding about what they need to do, how it fits into the big picture and with freedom to get on with the job, this frequently leads to exceptional performance rather than under performance.

Generally, people respond well when they are trusted, treated as an adult and have the opportunity to put their own stamp on the job at hand and also know that you will be there to provide support and advice if needed.

At Be Business Fit, we have created a unique framework designed to facilitate these conversations and get you thinking about the future of work, from Strategy & Culture through to Performance and Recognition.  You may feel concerned about giving up control but if there is clarity and trust you may be surprised.

And don’t forget the opportunity is always there to be appreciative, complimentary and supportive!

If you’re interested to find out how Performance forms part of our unique model, please get in touch to find out more.

Jayne Jones