Helping business leaders and their teams maximise performance and build strong cultures.

Most business leaders and HR specialists know that it’s their people who will determine success.
But a business won’t thrive in the way it really could, if the team aren’t respected, valued and feel safe.


Of course metrics and targets are important, but for a business to be fit and fit for life, people need to be placed at the core.


I help business leaders and their teams achieve just that.  Understand what it is that will put people at the core of their business, work together to maximise performance and ultimately build a work culture that is fit to last.

How I can help

As a qualified Coach with over 25 years HR experience, I provide team coaching, 1:1 coaching and people consultancy, helping you to unlock the real people potential within your business.
Team Coaching
Are you finding that your team aren't working together like they could?  Are they working in silos?  Or do they have new goals and objectives to work towards and a change of approach is needed?
Team coaching helps you all to be clear about the direction you are going in, how you are going to behave and collaborate, ultimately maximising your performance and achieving your goals.
1:1 Coaching
Are you starting a new role and wish to build your confidence and credibility? Do you need to tackle difficult people issues in your team and feel stuck? Or just need the confidential space to offload?


1:1 coaching gives you the time to think, to be challenged, consider what you need to do next to move forward and unlock your full potential.
People Consultancy
Does your HR team need additional support?  Are you currently going through a period of change and need some outsourced consultancy?  Or do you need some independent advice?


Whether you have a HR team in place or not, sometimes you need an extra pair of hands to support with either the operational or strategic side of HR.