We help businesses tackle their biggest HR people organisational challenges.

Hi! We’re Sam and Jayne. Two industry professionals that make up Be Business Fit. Through targeted and bespoke consultancy, team workshops and business change strategy, we help businesses overcome their most unique challenges. 

The Long Game

In a constantly changing business arena, your organisation may be growing or shrinking. You may be thinking of leadership and team performance, skills you need for the future, hybrid working, and of course, the wellbeing of your people. We can work with you to analyse and unpack your organisational concerns and generate a robust plan that gives your business stamina. Making it fit to last.


At Be Business Fit, werecognise how intricate businesses and working environments are. We also know that they are constantly changing and evolving. If your business is undergoing change, we can work with you and your organisation, as well as your leadership and internal teams to develop a bespoke business plan that aligns with your goals. 
We are experts in dealing with change; making us the perfect coach to guide you through business adjustments, both now and in the future. Have a look at the services we can offer below:
  • Moving to a new way of working that is right for your business.


  • Ensuring your teams are working together to achieve results.


  • Getting you thinking about how you recruit and retain talent now & for the future.


  • Creating & communicating your business strategy.


  • Identifying & defining your Values, so they are at the heart of everything you do.
  • Working with you to create a vision for leadership.


  • Helping you develop inspirational leaders.


  • Defining the leadership skills & behaviours necessary for your business to succeed.


  • Ensuring that your leadership team are aligned to the business direction.


  • Facilitating bespoke leadership workshops & provision of Executive Coaching.
Human Resources (HR)
  • Understanding your business vision and using it to create a People Strategy.


  • Supporting you with managing change.


  • Making the link between employee engagement and customer experience.


  • Helping to identify & resolve the root cause of employee relations issues.


  • Providing mentoring and HR team coaching.

Coaching Designed To Strengthen Teams

Recognising the correlation between successful business structures andfitnesstechniques; we have developed bespoke programs that can help you to unlock the potential in your teams. We adapt our expertise to allow us to work with any organisation, helping them to face any challenge head on.  
We will assess your business, help you to figure out the areas you need to be nurturing and create a strategy that alleviates your pain points.   
If you have an organisational challenge, we have the business expertise to help you overcome it. What you will have achieved at the end of the truly bespoke program is a business structure that has strength at the very core of it. A business that has been conditioned to last. A business that is fit.  

game, set, match.

Through bespoke transformational programs and workshops, we will help you and your business to navigate change, understand where the gaps in your workplace are and how to effectively fill them to toughen your foundations. We will help you to create a business culture that is built to withstand future changes, strains and performance affecting circumstances.